Travellers' Visions

French Literary Encounters with Japan, 1881-2004

Author: Akane Kawakami

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9780853238119

Category: Art

Page: 205

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Travellers' Visions adds another perspective to ongoing debates over colonialism with an examination of the intercultural relations between France, a major colonial empire for nearly three centuries, and Japan, a country that has remained mostly autonomous throughout its existence. In this analytic history of French literary images of Japan, from soon after its reopening to the West to the present day, Kawakami examines the work of many of France's most revered authors including Marcel Proust, Paul Claudel, and Roland Barthes, along with other, lesser-known writers and artists, such as Loti and Farrère, as they embarked on journeys—literary and real—to this "exotic" land. Authors are discussed according to type— journalists, diplomats, or collectors, for example—and the close readings are accompanied by Gérard Macé's beautiful and rarely seen photographs. Travellers' Visions offers new clarity to current intellectual debates and will be a valuable resource to students and scholars of French literature and Asian history alike.

Henri Michaux

Experimentation with Signs

Author: Nina Parish

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042022701

Category: History

Page: 346

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Henri Michaux is both a recognised poet and visual artist, arguably one of the greatest 'double artists' of the twentieth century. This book presents the first detailed examination of a particular interdisciplinary aspect of his production, namely, the innovative experimentation with signs contained in four works: Mouvements, Par la voie des rythmes, Saisir and Par des traits. Questions arise concerning their literary and visual status as, in their attempt to render interior rhythm and dynamism, they occupy an interstitial space between writing and drawing, between the book and the canvas, between the Western alphabet and Chinese characters. This study addresses these questions by analysing the conception, production and reception of Michaux's signs and the literary and artistic contexts in which they were produced.

Semiologies of Travel

From Gautier to Baudrillard

Author: David H. T. Scott

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521838535

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 235

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Semiologies of Travel is the first book to explore comprehensively the role of semiology and signs in the encounter with foreign cultures as it is expressed in French travel writing. David Scott focuses on major writers of the last two hundred years, including Théophile Gautier, André Gide, Henri Michaux, Michel Leiris, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Roland Barthes and Jean Baudrillard, to show how ethnology, politics, sociology and semiotics, as well as literature, are deeply bound up in travel experience and the writing that emerges from it. Scott also shows how the concerns of Romantic writers and theorists are still relevant to reflections on travel in today's post-modern world. The book follows an itinerary through jungle, desert and Utopia, as well as through Disneyland and Chinese restaurants, and will be of interest to specialists in French studies and cultural studies as well as to readers of travel writing.

Widows, Pariahs, and Bayadères

India as Spectacle

Author: Binita Mehta

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 9780838754559

Category: Drama

Page: 282

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This book analyzes how French dramatists reproduced certain images of India such as the burning widow, the lowly pariah or untouchable, and the exotic 'bayadere' or dancing girl in four plays and one ballet written from the eighteenth century through the twentieth centuries. Addressing questions of Orientalism, the book also argues that it was because the French lost their Indian colonies to the Briish in the eighteenth centuries that India became a part of the French literary imagination.

The Language of Poetry

Crisis and Solution : Studies in Modern Poetry of French Expression, 1945 to the Present

Author: Michael Bishop

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789062036813

Category: French poetry

Page: 268

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Open synthesis

Henri Michaux and the poetics of change

Author: Laurie Dale Edson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 422

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Les Voyages Et Les Propriétés D'Henri Michaux

Author: Lajos Elkan

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9780820405148

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 206

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Cette etude procede d'une double preoccupation, qui reflete deux points de vue critiques differents.La premiere partie, Les voyages, part a la decouverte de l'inspiration poetique de Michaux a travers trois sortes de voyage: le voyage geographique, le voyage imaginaire et le voyage psychedelique. Elle suit aussi la transition verbale de l'experience vecue au texte poetique.La seconde partie, Les proprietes, consiste en une lecture semiotique de quatre textes tires de Mes Proprietes. Ces textes sont analyses en partant du principe qu'il existe une relation contradictoire entre le langage courant, representant la figure autoritaire du male, et le langage poetique, representant l'element subversif feminin. Quel sens peut-on attribuer a de tels textes? Est-ce un certain humour? La tristesse? Le desespoir? La violence? Un besoin de poursuivre le processus d'ecrire? Ou tout peut-il etre simplement condense en un seul mot que Michaux utilise souvent, ca? C'est le probleme que j'essaie de resoudre ici.